Workplace infrared heaters

Workplace heating with infrared heating panels

Cost CutterInfrared heating panels are energy efficient. Reducing the carbon footprint of a business can help with the “green” credentials to not only reduce running costs but also maintain a tight budget avoiding any unnecessary bill surprises and can also help in securing grants and funding.

Infrared heaters are available in a 60cm square tile to slot into the suspended ceiling of shops and offices. Ceiling mounting of the heating system means it is away from tampering and accidental damage and frees up wall / floor space too.

Workplace infrared heaters provide an affordable, energy efficient and easy to install heating solution when replacing or suplimenting an expensive to run system. Heaters can provide the sole heating needs or just run alongside the existing heating. Electricity use can be monitored, and with no maintenance or servicing required the heating panels can be closely budgeted for. Infrared heaters have low energy use and create effective and comfortable warmth.

Infrared warms the whole room, walls, furniture and objects rather than the air itself, this is warmed as a secondary effect when the heating has been on for a while, the air quality is not affected and therefore there is no movement of air, draughts or dry stuffyness, no movement of air helps bronchial sufferers and reduces the transmission of airborne germs. By warming the whole room, rather than just the air, an even and comfortable working atmosphere is achieved.

Infrared warmth can be felt directly on the body and feels very comfortable, especially to those sitting still for long periods where it is often difficult to regulate body warmth due to lack of activity. Infrared energy to the skin promotes blood flow on the surface of the skin to move warmth deep around the body.