Visit us at The Cornwall Home and Lifestyle Show 2018

Visit us at the Cornwall Home and Lifestyle Show 2018 in May, come and visit our stand and feel infrared heating for yourself! For tickets visit their website 


We have just returned from the South West Home and Garden Show in Exeter, visitors to our stand all commented on how nice infrared heating feels!  Warm air from a traditional electric heater would be instantly lost in a vast exhibition hall, however infrared energy warms people directly, just like warmth from the sun, so visitors to our stand felt lovely and warm.

Infrared heating warms the air too, when the thermal mass of the room has been warmed this gives off heat to warm the air, so your walls, floor and furnishings all act as mini radiators making everywhere the same temperature and reducing any convection or draughts caused by hot air rising and cold air being drawn across the floor,  we recommend using a thermostatic programmer to get the most energy efficient use of the new heating system.

Please bring your room measurements with you, so we can give you an idea of which size heater you need for your room!