Have you tried Hot Yoga?

Have you tried Hot Yoga? With the start of the new year many of us plan to eat more healthily and keep ourselves fit! With so many keep fit classes and boot camps which do you choose? Well Hot Yoga is increasing in popularity all the time – a relaxing yoga class full of gentle stretches designed to flex and tone the whole body whilst under the intense heat of infrared heating panels.

Our infrared heating panels are installed at three times the amount you would normally fit into your home, so you are always underneath a heater! Plus the air is warmed to somewhere between 35 and 42 degrees C. your home will be something like 20 degrees!

Intense infrared warmth combined with exercise is very good for the body and helps release toxins in the sweat, the warmth also helps relax muscles so you can get deeper stretches and work harder without causing any damage.

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