Restaurant conservatory heater

conservatory heater

We love this restaurant conservatory eating area which enjoys views over the garden, it’s outside but protected from the elements and kept warm by infrared heaters which feel natural and comfortable to the body.

restaurant conservatory heaterThe elegant black heaters provide infrared energy which directly warms the customer, rather like gentle sunshine, warmth that can be felt on the body. Infrared penetrates the upper layers of skin and promotes blood circulation which helps take warmth around the body.

Far infrared does not give off any light glare, in fact there are no lights or fans or any other distractions with this heater. It is silent.  When used like this, the restaurant conservatory heater can be left in place all year long, for winter lunchtimes or late summer evenings.There is no maintenance to be done either.

Warm air heating is just not suitable for this type of building as the air is constantly lost out through the doors or cooled by the glass – it is terribly wasteful of electricity and costly to run.

Each restaurant conservatory heater shown uses 1.5kw per hour, at an energy tariff of 15p that will cost around 23p per hour to run each heater. A small price to pay for keeping customers warm!

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