Feeling cold? Do you need some cheap to run heaters?

white infrared heaters with feet and UK plugAre you feeling cold but worried about the cost of putting the heating on? Worried about paying the huge electricity bill? Infrared heating panels provide energy efficient warmth that can be used as the only heating system or in conjunction with your central heating and only costs a few pence per hour to run.

Why does infrared heating use less energy?

Infrared heating works differently to fan and convector heaters, infrared energy warms people and objects directly, just like sitting in the sun, so you feel comfortably warm even though the air might still be cooler. Creating infrared energy only requires a small electrical consumption, the heating is very gentle but sufficient for you to feel comfortable. Over time the infrared energy warms the walls, furniture and objects, just very slightly, but enough to give a comfortable all round feeling of warmth, and once these items are giving off warmth the heater can reduce its energy consumption to easily maintain the desired room temperature. The air is heated and can be regulated by a room thermostat and programmer just the same as central heating but with the added benefit of having control of the times and temperatures room by room. Programmers can be wireless, wall mount hard wired or simple plug and go!

Infrared warms objects too, so whilst you are being warmed so are the objects around you, and if your surroundings are warm you feel warmer too! 

If you want to heat yourself in a larger cold space always choose a large heating panel, a 600 watt panel is ideal for positioning alongside your office desk or use an 700 on the ceiling above a dining table in an open plan area.

Domestic ceiling infrared heaterThere may be also be times of the year when you need just a little extra warmth in one room but really don’t want to switch the full house heating system on, your infrared heating panels can easily be switched on or off to heat just the rooms you choose, and on those odd spring and autumn days when you are feeling chilly remember infrared doesn’t cost much to run!