Why use infrared heating?

Infrared heating panels - red cropInfrared heating panels are not new, they have been used in Europe for over 25 years as a common place energy efficient heating solution in homes, public buildings and businesses, we have been supplying these infrared panel heaters in the UK since 2007.

Infrared heating is a more energy efficient way to heat a room, revolutionising the way we heat our homes, by warming the surroundings we create a cosy atmosphere, this warms the air and the air stays warm for longer. Blowing warm air up to the ceiling is a very ineffective way of heating people! Electricity is the future, more and more electricity is being generated by renewables, and with the current developments in battery storage it will not be long before our homes can be warmed by the power of the daytime sun during the evening too! A unit of electricity may be more expensive than a unit of gas or oil but infrared heating uses fewer units of energy to heat a similar sized room.

By heating people and objects directly, rather than just the air, infrared heaters can help save money on your fuel bills. Please read on to find out more!

infrared heating panel on ceiling


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The benefits of infrared heating

Affordable to purchase and easy to install.

Reduces energy consumption to reduce your fuel bills.

Infrared energy warms people directly even through cold air.

Infrared warms the building directly rather than just the air.

Comfortable warmth with no hot spots or cold draughts.

A warm building will give off warmth to the air lowering energy use further.

Reduced internal wall condensation, damp and mould build up.

Maximised living space by installing high on the wall or ceiling.

Healthy natural warmth, just like sitting in the gentle sunshine.

Infrared panels are affordable to purchase and easy to install.

infrared bathroom heaterWhether refurbishing one room or renovating a whole property, the cost of installing a brand new heating system can consume a huge part of the total budget and cause much disruption – but not with electric heating!

Infrared heating panels are designed to be easily installed causing little disruption and no building work, they can be fitted by the onsite electrician.

Panel heaters are affordable to purchase in comparison to wet heating systems and do not require the installation of any other associated equipment therefore also reducing the installation time and redecorating costs. No pipes or boilers, no space lost to tanks, no noise or fans.

This white ceiling panel heater pictured has been fitted onto the bathroom ceiling and the cables run up into the loft space and down into the adjoining airing cupboard where it is fitted to a timer switch.

Infrared heating reduces energy consumption which in turn will reduce your fuel bills.

Electric fire using infrared heatingInfrared heating panels are low energy use and are very efficient in that use of electricity. Our infrared heating panels emit 99% of their infrared energy in the optimum spectrum through the unique reflector technology which gives you the best efficiency and heating effectiveness.

The electricity used is only to heat the surface of the panel, which then gives off infrared energy, the heater is not trying to heat the air or wasting energy on lights and fans. Panels efficiently convert power into infrared energy in the exact wavelength that is both highly efficient and effective. Referring to the Laws of Physics, Boltzmans Law and Planks Law determine the temperature of the panel surface is relative to the heat transmitted and the wavelength attained. Our bodies are designed to absorb and emit infrared warmth in the range 7 to 14 microns, and the most efficient use of power to heat ratio for a panel is in the 5.6 microns to 10 microns. Our heaters achieve this optimum range with the lowest amount of energy to achieve comfortable warmth. You have felt infrared warmth from another human body in a warming hug or extreme heat can be felt from a muscle or tendon injury.

In tests when comparing one apartment heated with gas central heating and another fitted with electric infrared heating panels it was noted the infrared heating system used significantly fewer units of fuel. Whilst units of gas are usually cheaper than units of electricity the apartment consumed fewer units of electricity to still make the heating system cheaper to run. In practise we have found many customers believe their heating costs are significantly lower since installing our heating panels.

Infrared energy warms people directly even through cold air.

infrared heating panel fitted on ceilingPanels give off infrared energy, this is just the same as the feeling of warmth given off from the sun on a warm spring day, it is very natural to our bodies, infrared is part of the light spectrum beyond red light and is invisible. Infrared energy travels through air, and penetrates into the skin, creating warmth and promoting blood circulation to carry the warmth deep down into the body, infrared warmth can be felt on the body regardless of the actual air temperature. Customers like the feel of infrared warmth.

Infrared heating warms the building rather than just the air.

Just as infrared energy can warm people it warms objects too, raising the temperature of objects by only a couple of degrees, it can achieve an all round feeling of warmth. For example, in the winter we need to wear a sweater even though the air temperature in our home is 21 degrees however in the summer the air temperature is often less than 21 degrees but we feel happy in a t-shirt, this is because the suns natural infrared rays have warmed all the objects around us giving that all round comfortable warmth. Customers find they can lower the thermostat because the feeling of all round warmth is comfortable at a slightly lower air temperature than previously experienced, again helping lower your heating costs.

A warm building feels comfortable with no hot spots or cold floors and warm ceilings.

Green glass wall panel heaterOur customers like the all round warmth from infrared heaters. If you position your infrared heating panel on the ceiling or high on the wall like a picture the infrared energy can reach to all parts of the room, warming all objects which in turn radiate warmth to the whole room, with floors, walls and objects all working like mini radiators. Conventional radiators or storage heaters create a hot spot within the room and rely on the convection of warm air to circulate the warmth up and around the room creating a current of warm air moving up to the ceiling and a cool flow of air across the floor.

A warm building will give off warmth lowering energy use further.

Once all the objects are warmed and giving off warmth to heat the air the heating system does not need to work so hard and will then only draw power to maintain temperature, reducing energy consumption further.

Infrared heating panels work most effectively when they can be left on for long periods of time to really warm the very structure of the building. Programmers give you full control of times and temperatures to suit each room. Energy savings can be made because the heater is only drawing power for some of the time to maintain temperature rather than a constant draw of full power. All situations vary and the energy efficiency of the room is dependent on the insulation installed, the quality of the building materials, exposure to high winds or icy air conditions. Please discuss your building and situation fully with us to make sure you choose the correct size heater for your requirements. 

Infrared heating helps reduce internal wall condensation, damp and mould build up.

infrared industrial heaterInternal wall condensation happens when warm moist air meets a cold surface, eventually mould builds up, this often happens in older houses of solid brick construction and in bathrooms. Infrared heating can help these situations as the infrared energy warms the walls to help reduce condensation and will help dry out damp walls. In bathrooms the infrared heating needs to be on at a low temperature for long periods to warm walls prior to bathing, and therefore reducing the amount of wall condensation and helping dry the room afterwards. The heating panel can be fitted on the wall with a towel rail over to gently warm the room and create a functional heated towel rail too.

Maximise your living space, slimline design for wall or ceiling mounting. 

In modern living we all need to maximise our available living space. With space at a premium, heaters which can be fitted onto the ceiling are a great idea, freeing up walls for furniture and reducing the unsightly look of radiators or old battered storage heaters. Infrared heating panels have a sleek slimline design and can be fitted with wireless programmers for a clean and stylish look. Heaters are maintenance free and designed for a long lifespan.

Healthy natural warmth.

When infrared energy is directly warming people and objects it does not have any effect on the air, infrared energy simply travels through air, so the actual air conditions in the room are not altered. Warm objects give off warmth to heat the air so the feeling of warmth comes from all round the room..

Infrared heating is often used in schools, hospitals, vets practises, treatment and therapy rooms as it provides a very clean and even warmth. Heaters only require a wipe over and do not have vents which might harbour germs.

We have all seen pictures from a thermal imaging camera which detect infrared energy in the form of rainbow colours, showing hot and cold areas of the body with red as heat. Heating panels are designed to provide infrared in the exact wavelength appropriate for absorption by the body and at the most energy efficient wavelength.

Infrared energy will not affect the atmosphere or humidity in a room unlike log burning stoves which add moisture to the air or fan/blower heaters which dry the air.

Please have a look at our blog for more technical information.