Running Costs Explained of Infrared Heating.

Infrared heating is energy efficient, but what does that really mean?

Infrared heating uses very little electrical energy compared to an electric fire, convector heater or storage heater it also works out comparatively cheaper to run than many gas or oil central heating systems even though the initial unit price of electricity may be more expensive than gas infrared uses fewer units of fuel.

Most warm air traditional heating systems work by heating the air which feels nice to us but actually is very wasteful of energy as the air is cooled and warmed in circulation.

However, infrared heating warms objects directly, so is warming the whole room rather than just the air, as the room (walls, floor and furniture) give off warmth the air is warmed too, and as the room is generating warmth it stays warm for longer and means the heating system does not have to work so hard, therefore reducing the amount of time the infrared heating panel is drawing power and reducing your fuel costs further.

Infrared heating running costs.

For example, a kilowatt hour of electricity costs about 13 pence per unit (this will depend on your tariff) then our 600 watt heater will cost about 7.5 pence per hour to run to get the room up to temperature, and as low as 3 pence an hour to maintain the temperature. An 850 watt panel will cost about 11 pence per hour to run to get the room up to temperature, and as low as 4 pence an hour to maintain temperature. Calculations assume a well insulated room and a room thermostat/programmer is used to maintain a normal warmth of up to 21 degrees.

It is appropriate in some older buildings to have the heating on at a lower background warmth all day rather than just turning the heating on when you are at home in the evening, as infrared warms the very fabric of the building and maintains a comfortable all round warmth, for this reason infrared can help reduce the occurrence of damp and mold in older properties and bathrooms. All day background warmth reduces the need for a great boost of power to initially get the room warm and reduces your maintenance costs on the building itself. All homes and situations are different, infrared heating can be used in conjunction with your current central heating and with your excess solar pv energy, talk to us about either having a slightly undersized infrared panel just to maintain a gentle warmth in the room, or the options of various types of controllers/programmers available for wiring, wireless and smart control. Please talk to us to have the running costs explained in older buildings.

Infrared panels can be run from your excess solar pv, but it should be noted that the panel must reach optimum temperature to give off infrared energy, however this does not need to be the full wattage all of the time. Please talk to us for more information  and heating ideas 01237 451759.

All electrical energy is used to produce heat, there are no lights, fans or noise, so our heaters are very economical and silent to run. A newly developed reflector technology allows 98% of the infrared rays to be radiated from the front of the panel. The infrared energy is in the optimum wavelength for best absorption and comfort to the human body and most effective for heating.

Maintenance free.

Infrared heating panels are maintenance free, there are no moving parts, so no servicing is required. Once installed there are no additional annual costs to be incurred other than the usual running cost.

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