infrared heaters fixed on the hallway ceilingInfrared Heaters come in all shapes and sizes to suit all sorts of situations!

Electric radiators -ideal for a simple wall heater solution

Standard white infrared heaters – our basic and most popular panel for wall or ceiling mounting

Glass panels – for when you need something stunning

Mirrors – a mist free mirror and heater in one, ideal for the bathroom

Picture panels – perfect for those rooms with no wall space for a radiator

Terrace heaters – for the patio, workshop or therapy treatment room

Industrial heaters – for anywhere cold and with very high ceilings

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A traditional panel heater solution for fixing on the wall and fitting to the nearest plug socket, new electric radiators are far more energy efficient and controllable than old style storage heaters. Modern electric radiators give off about 70% infrared energy combined with 30% convection of warmed air to give your room gentle comfortable warmth from a very modern and stylish heater. Available as traditional steel radiators or as ceramic tile heaters. Very affordable to run, costing just a few pence per hour.

Standard white infrared heaters   Visit our main website and shop white panels here

Infra red heaters fit close to the ceilingOur basic and most popular infrared heating panel sold in the UK since 2007. A plain matt white finish with a small white frame suitable for wall or ceiling mounting.

Ideal for ceiling mounting in bedrooms, the electric cable can be taken up into the loft space above and all heaters wired together onto one thermostatic programmer for upstairs central heating, no mess or fuss to install, no need for redecoration, no wires on walls or ugly radiators, no fear of touch by small children or the elderly.

600mm x 600mm size available for the suspended ceiling of offices and shops


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Electric fire using infrared heatingGlass infrared heaters have a beautifully polished surface, plain and smooth with no lights or switches to spoil the modern clean lines. The glass surface is very slim with hidden framework bars on the reverse, which hold the panel away from the wall, thus giving the illusion that the heater is floating on the wall. In all it is only 2.5cm deep.

Glass heating panels can be used to create a striking feature on the wall either low down like a radiator or high up like a picture.

Suitable for use in the bathroom. Just add a towel rail to create a functional and beautiful heated towel radiator.

Available in black, white, green or red glass.

Heaters placed low on the wall should be close to where you sit so you feel the infrared warmth directly on the body.

We also supply glass heaters in a chunky aluminium frame in black or white glass.


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Radiators (6)

Mirror heating panels are perfect in the bathroom for keeping comfortable warmth and helping to dry out walls to help prevent black mould.

Made from 6mm toughened safety glass on an aluminium backing plate with fixing bars, the mirror stands away from the wall.

A wireless programmable thermostat means you can control the bathroom heater separate from the main house central heating, keeping gentle background warmth for whenever the room is needed!

A 600 watt heating panel can heat a bathroom or hallway of about 10 – 12 square meters

A mirror heating panel can be used in cold rooms that need some additional heating,  where the current central heating is not effective or efficient. Simply wall mount close to a plug socket or chase the cable into the plaster for a really neat finish – like in the customers photo.

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infrared heaters with picture on

We have some lovely stock images which can be printed onto a heating panel, or chose your own image! Send in a quality JPEG image correctly sized to fit your chosen panel dimensions.


In businesses, offices or health and fitness studios infrared heaters can be used to supplement the existing heating or as a stand alone heating solution, by having your company logo or images printed onto the surface the heater becomes part of the decor, and reduces the need for ugly wall mounted heaters, pipes, boilers and tanks.

Please remember if you are using our heating panels in a decorative way it may be necessary to have more heaters or wattage than our usual guidelines as the heater might be positioned in the most aesthetic place rather than the most effective place! Infrared heating panels are most effective when positioned centrally so their light rays can reach every part of the room.

Efficiency may be reduced by up to 20% when the panels are positioned on the wall as some infrared energy is being passed up to the ceiling where it cannot be felt by those sitting in the room. However as infrared warms objects as well as people the panel will  still create welcoming all round warmth.

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infrared heating is the ideal solution for outdoor seating areasA smart black bar shaped heater using far infrared technology which means the surface does not change in appearance whether switched on or off.

The elegant design can be used outdoors undercover of conservatories, terraces or gazebos or indoors in a workshop or summerhouse.

This heater is more powerful than our panels so is also suitable for providing a warmer room, especially good in therapy rooms or hot yoga studios.

The black terrace heater must be positioned above 3 meters high for comfort.

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high power infrared heatersIndustrial heaters are more powerful again, strong enough to send the far infrared energy through cold air to warm people below. These must be positioned between 3 and 6 meters high.

Industrial heaters are available in 900 watts to 3600 watts.

Suitable for heating classic car garages to maintain warmth without affecting humidity.

We have successfully used the 1200 watt far infrared heater in a Victorian building with high ceilings and single glased windows. Fitted up on the ceiling it is smart and yet discrete, freeing up wall space for period furnishings and decor.