Infrared heating panels 

Infrared heating panels are an affordable solution to those wishing to find an easy to install and energy efficient electric heating  system which can be used as a complete central heating system or as heating to one room that will help lower overall heating bills. 

infrared heating panel on ceilingInfrared panel heaters generate infrared from the optimum area of the spectrum for efficiency and effectiveness. The panel becomes hot, and is giving off infrared energy rather than convection of warmth as a traditional heater might. Infrared energy travels through air and directly heats objects, walls, floor furniture and people. Once the whole room becomes warm this then warms the air, and, as the whole room is generating warmth the heater does not need to work so hard and will then modulate just to maintain temperature, again saving on electrical power and your fuel bills.

Radiators (6)Infrared energy can be felt directly on the skin, just like sitting in the sun, the gentle direct heat is created on the surface of the skin, warming the tiny capillaries of blood which then moves the warmth around the body, creating the deep down warming sensation. Many customers will say infrared heating “feels nice” which is also a reason why we say to try and position your heating panel centrally in the room so that the warmth can be felt from all around the room, do not position your infrared heater behind the sofa because you simply will not be able to “feel” the warmth. The infrared energy can be felt on the body even in cooler air temperatures, so it is not necessary to have the thermostat as warm as you usually might because people can feel comfortable even at lower air temperatures, which again can help save money on your heating bills. The mirror pictured is actually an infrared heating panel suitable as the main heating source in this cloakroom.

Why use infrared heating?

Running costs explained


We are very happy with the panels which we have installed in our studio and workshop. Being able to mount them on the ceiling saves so much space. Your customer service is excellent. Regards, P.L

We have used this new Multiheat system in our log cabin. It instantly heats up the whole place. It’s easy to fit & as you can see is very discreet. We would definitely recommend you.” Ricki V