Hot Yoga

Infrared heating panels for Hot Yoga or therapy rooms

Infrared heating panels are specified for hot yoga studios to help create the intense heat required for hot yoga along with the health benefits of infrared. We have supplied panels for a number of hot yoga studios across the country and to therapy rooms, treatment rooms and spas.

Infrared heating alone will not create a suitable hot yoga environment. Firstly, studios should consult a heating and ventilation specialist. Warmth, ventilation and humidity are all key to achieving a good exercise environment, all factors need to be taken into consideration and supplied accordingly to achieve the correct environment. A good heating and ventilation company and suitably qualified electrician can assist you with creating the right mix of warmth, fresh air and humidity. The studio should be very well insulated to maintain the warmth created.

Studios will require hot air heating which can achieve about 21 – 23 degrees, this can be a prefitted central heating system. Plus warmed air ventilation – air circulation with fresh warm air is very important for the clients comfort and maintaining room temperature without chilly draughts. Our infrared heating panels can then bring the temperature from this warmth up to 32 – 34 degrees, supplied at a rate of 3 times our standard recommendation, panels require some air space above them for ventilation too. Achieving the temperatures required for Bikram Yoga will require more input from the warm air heating and ventilation system.

Please send us details of the construction materials, measurements of the studio and the type of heating already installed, we can then provide you with a quote and fitting information. We are happy to liase with your electrician about setting up heating zones so that panels can be switched on in groups for better efficiency.

Remember, infrared warmth can be felt on the skin just like sitting in the sun, and may contribute towards the allround well being feel gained from visiting a health studio.