Hot Yoga

Infrared heating panels for Hot Yoga or therapy rooms

Infrared heating panels are specified for hot yoga studios to help create the intense heat required for hot yoga along with the health benefits of infrared. We have supplied panels for a number of hot yoga studios across the country and to therapy rooms, treatment rooms and spas.

We supply the infrared heaters at around 150 watts per square meter, this gives an even coverage of heating panels across the whole room and a nice feeling of infrared on every client. This calculation does not guarantee any temperature as every building is different and the energy required to heat the building is very much down to the insulation and build quality of the studio and how often you run hot classes. Heating a cold building will take far longer and use more energy than heating a building which has a good starting ambient temperature, no matter which form of heating you use!

Infrared heating alone will not create a suitable hot yoga environment. Firstly, studios should consult a heating and ventilation specialist. Building works may be required to lower ceiling levels to reduce the volume of air to be heated. The studio must be very well insulated to achieve and maintain the desired hot temperature, insulation to walls, floor, ceiling and windows is necessary to avoid surfaces which cool the air and which chill clients. Warmth, ventilation and humidity are all key to achieving a good exercise environment, all factors need to be taken into consideration and supplied accordingly to achieve the correct environment, this may take some trial and error to find out what works for you and your class times, it may be an idea to run a warm class after a hot class to make best use of the electrical energy consumed in raising the studio temperature.   A warm blown air system will initially raise the room temperature, the infrared heaters will then be switched on and remain on throughout the class, the blown air system will bring in warmed fresh air and adjust humidity levels, this is crucial to maintaining oxygen levels and keep the studio fresh.

Please send us details of the construction materials, measurements of the studio and the type of heating already installed, we can then provide you with a quote and fitting information. We are happy to liaise with your electrician about setting up heating zones so that panels can be switched on in groups for better efficiency.

Remember, infrared warmth can be felt on the skin just like sitting in the sun, and may contribute towards the all round well being feel gained from visiting a health studio.