Heating a Garden Room

Heating a garden room

Garden Rooms can have many uses, but as long as there is an electric supply to your garden room we can heat it! Our panels have a low electrical consumption, a 600 watt heater may be all you need.

Infrared. Heating a garden room


  • Home office
  • Spa and therapy studio
  • Summerhouse
  • Workshop
  • Music room
  • Home gym


With the use of the internet, working from home is becoming more commonplace, whether that is to reduce commuting time and inconvenience or self employment and a better work life balance, more and more people are choosing to working from home.

Working from a modern garden room, close to home, with good insulation and large sunny windows can be the most wonderful place to be, but when sitting at a desk all day the body is not generating energy to make its own warmth, it is easy to feel chilly, a spring morning can be cold or an autumn day may feel damp, an infrared heating panel on the wall or ceiling above the desk will provide almost instant warmth without creating the dusty and drowsy environment caused by small fan heaters.

An infrared heating panel is cheap to run with a low energy consumption it can be fitted to the wall and the cable cut short to the nearest plug socket, safe from being a trip hazard and has a smart and stylish appearance, or the heater can be fitted on the ceiling and hard wired to a programmer to give you full and flexible control of the heating. Our heaters can also be controlled by new smart devices linked to an app on your smart phone!