Getting the best from thermostatic programmers | infrared heating

thermostic programmer | infrared heating

Are you getting the best from thermostatic programmers?

With traditional wet radiators there is very little you can do to alter the warmth across your home in order to be more energy efficient. Central heating is either on or off, we all suffer the cold until we can stand it no longer and resign that winter has arrived and the whole house must be heated. We are all used to having just one thermostat for the whole house and then adjusting warmth for each room from the TRV on the radiators.

However, electric heating with infrared heating panels is very different. You can have a thermostatic programmer in every room or zone of your house, so, for instance, in the autumn, you can turn the heating on in the living room for a few hours in the evening and turn the bedroom heating on for a couple of hours when you go to bed, and then have the bathroom come on early in the morning without any other rooms being affected!

By using your thermostatic programmers carefully you can heat your home as and when you need it. Which is far more energy efficient and ensures we are all doing our bit to save energy, and of course lower our winter fuel bills too!

Our infrared heating panels do not have any form of controls on them as this would spoil the looks, instead, we recommend you choose a thermostatic programmer that suits your needs, either hard wired onto the wall, wireless to reduce electricians work and damage to decor or smart controls which give you the option to turn the heating on or off in any room from one convenient point even whilst you are away from home.

From 1st January 2018 all new heating systems installed must have a thermostatic programmer to help you control your energy use and not waste electricity.  We can save energy by

  • lowering the thermostat temperature by one degree
  • lower the temperature by three degrees for rooms not in use
  • time the heating to come on when you need it room by room
  • time the heating to come on differently at weekends when you get up later for example
  • an individual room thermostat will pick up a difference in room temperature when the sun comes out and switch the heating off to that room

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