Domestic Home Heating

Domestic Home Heating

Infrared heating panels provide a cost effective solution to lowering your fuel costs whilst providing a comfortable and maintenance free electric heating solution. The payback time of the infrared heaters can be as little as a couple of years due to the low initial cost, easy installation and low energy use, heating can be programmed room by room rather than the traditional “central” heating programming which wastes energy heating rooms which are not in use.

Infrared heating panels for around the home.


Living room


Study or home office



Infrared heating for the whole house. Comfortable gentle warmth to the whole building, infrared energy heats the building which then radiates warmth back to heat the air and provides a very comfortable all round warmth. A warm building is good for the structure and good for the air quality.

Infrared heating for a single room. There are days when you don’t want the central heating on but a little additional warmth is required in one room, i.e the bathroom, living room or home office, an electric heater can be switched on and off as need be and only costs a few pence per hour to run.

Infrared heating for extentions or loft conversions. An easy solution to install is electric heating which can be programmed just like central heating and is energy efficient to help keep your fuel bills low.

Infrared heating for the holiday home. Infrared heating can be programmed to maintain a low background warmth when you are away which will help prevent damp or mould. Infrared warmth can be felt on the skin, even when the air temperature is slightly cool, to provide direct warmth and comfort.

Home owners are far more aware of their energy usage, new products to the market are designed to reduce energy consumption and combined can produce some excellent savings.

Traditional methods of heating with boilers and radiators are expensive and time consuming to install, radiators are often fitted where it is most convenient for the plumber rather than considering the layout and furnishings of the room, and usually one single programmer will control the whole central heating  system, so even if only one room is in use the whole house must be heated the same, causing a huge waste in energy.

This awareness of energy efficiency has brought about changes in our thought processes and habits. Infrared heaters have been in use in Germany, Austria and The Netherlands for more than fifteen years, these countries have always been far more environmentally aware and ahead of others, infrared technology is now widely available in the UK.