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Suppliers of infrared heating solutions for the home and workplace. White ceiling heaters, wall panels, mirrors, designer glass heaters, picture heaters, terrace heaters and high power industrial heaters.  UK Specialists since 2007.

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Special offer

Infrared Heating Panels

The affordable and energy efficient heating solution

Save money on your heating costs

Easy to install efficient electric heating 

Comfortable, natural all round infrared warmth

Infrared heats the whole room and not just the air 

Multiheat are suppliers to the trade and public.

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Home Heating

Energy efficient electric heating for your home. Save money on your heating bills with easy to install infrared heating panels on the walls or ceilings of your home. Low energy use heaters.

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Workplace heating

Infrared heating warms people and objects directly rather than the air itself, creating comfortable all round warmth with clean air conditions ideal for working in. Maintenance free.

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Hot yoga / therapy studios

Natural warmth to the skin. Infrared warmth may contribute towards the all round well being feel gained from visiting a health studio either for hot yoga, fitness, beauty treatment or alternative therapy.

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Garden room / office

Recommended as a space saving and effective heating solution for rooms where space and design style are premium. Very affordable to run electric heating with slimline and stylish design.

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